Title: Trying to find Atlantis (Region step one)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/E, Group

Title: Trying to find Atlantis (Region step one)Rating: PG-13Character/Pairing: John/E, Group

Genre: Action/Thrill, Angst, Hurt/Morale. it’s a combined purse.Warning/Spoilers: 4×01 ‚Adrift‘ 4×02 ‚Lifeline‘ 4×03 ‚Reunion‘ (Set, blog post 4×04 ‚Doppleganger‘)Summary: Regardless of how difficult it are, Atlantis has been lost without it’s chief.Disclaimer: I really don’t individual Stargate Atlantis.Author’s Notice: Which fic arises from John and Ronon’s eager need certainly to provides E back into order.

Teyla watched regarding the home as for the 2nd time one to week, Ronon try packing their things to log off. She would spotted him one to very first time, waited away from door until Colonel Carter got leftover, her attempts thwarted by his stubbornness in advance of she’d wandered toward home, shared a glance that have him and you will saw him continue loading.

“I’m sure there is certainly somehow that one may take care of so it. tension, you and Colonel Carter appear to display.” Teyla experimented with, gesturing along with her hand in an attempt to build their particular part look far more, relevant.

He gone near to their, faster than she’d forecast and you can stared off from the their having a beneficial fierce anger toward a missing party. “That’s why I’m making.”

“Really?” Ronon stalked towards the window in advance of turning easily and you can stalking back toward their. “John is actually a buddy, I understand you to Teyla however, Carter. she’s going to never replace-”

“Zero, she’ll maybe not. Nor perform If only that she you will. However need discover, Ronon, each of us miss knyttet herover Age, even more as opposed to others. ” she glanced from the floors quietly for a moment, in advance of appointment their attention once again. “. however, we continue since we know that the is what she’d need, we know you to Age will not want Atlantis to-fall.”

“Because I can not remain.” He told you gently, flipping of their particular and you may flexing their turn in the latest fabric away from his handbag. Teyla watched your quietly as he gathered the remaining points to the his bed ahead of the guy checked right up in the color into wall surface and you can achieved for taking it off.

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“Bring which to help you McKay?” he requested when he passed they to their. Teyla got it with a dark phrase and kept new paint securely inside her give.

“We shall see.” She smiled and Ronon would not help but echo it, yet not faintly. Searching their more for a moment, the guy beamed down within their unique previously-increasing belly upcoming forced brand new paint away and you will removed their own on the their hands into the a tight embrace.

She nodded against their tits since she tucked by herself inside the incorporate, inhaling a fragrance which had always haunted their own, beckoned their unique.

They both said they, they might each other choose features their unique home, than just enjoys Carter keeping new throne loving

Releasing their out-of his arms, the guy shrugged for the his coat and found their wallet. Tucking their gun on the it’s holster he comprehended her higher case gently when he kept the area in place of an alternate keyword.

Carter endured towards the top of the new stairs seeing since the Ronon prepared themselves to leave, making certain that which you are strapped upwards accurately along with his holster is tightened up properly.

Ronon appeared up at the Colonel, smirking snidely because she began walking down the stairs toward your and you may noticed since the Stargate involved.

Ronon turned to create their means through the door, even if curiously eliminated right in front of it. Carter spotted your directly when he only stood there, looking at case panorama because if waiting for anything. Rodney and you may Teyla was indeed standing several paces at the rear of their own and all of those other gateroom got its eyes caught on their back, even when attention was removed away from the people taking the slowest action you are able to from the gate, into the sound from beating footsteps throughout the corridor off the gateroom.


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