Like should I go, like shall I remain, Love should I-go different means

Like should I go, like shall I remain, Love should I-go different means

W]hy might you label so it a handsome bed in which not one lays on the however, a slave maid a slave maid altho‘ she getting happy’s the guy you to definitely enjoyeth thee

My] love’s throughout the State from Armagh and i also me good way off Oh basically got their particular throughout the State from down I would personally instead of ten thousand pound

Roy Palmer images several variations on the song inside the blog post ‚The Weaver inside the Love‘, Folk-music Diary , 1977, however, I don’t consider he set things together precisely This new broadside ballad „Have a tendency to the fresh new Weaver and you can Charity new Chambermaid“ Rawlinson collection, Bodleian, therefore the Pepys Ballads , III, 132, 1987, is printed by the Phillip Brooksby, 1671-1685 (his address upcoming alter). The fresh new song quoted on broadside is „So you’re able to a good the brand new track; Or, I’m an excellent weaver of the my personal trade. Or, Now i’m likely, &c,“. Nothing of those sounds try recognized.

Right now we have simply eighteenth century duplicates out of „Tend to the fresh Weaver“ (Holloway and Black’s Later on English Broadside Ballads , We, #123, „The brand new Weaver and his lover“ (Palmer’s D text), and „#38 „The fresh new Fair Maid’s want to discover their A b c“ (Palmer’s C text message, the following). But I do believe these were extra to one another in order to create the seventeenth century broadside. Palmer’s printing of your own broadside text doesn’t notice where one to song brake system off and also the most other starts. The initial 7 passages try „Tend to the brand new Weaver“ while the past a dozen try „The young Maid’s desire.“ I append „Beauties Alerting Part“ next, where we discover altered verses of „Maids want to understand their unique A-b-c“ in another 17th century broadside ballad.

My personal love are sick and need to die and you will a good disappointed guy one to time is actually We however now the fresh weaver enjoyes his satisfaction and you can marry’d to help you thee slave lass a slave lass although she getting happy’s the guy one enjoyeth shee

Nearest to your text message listed here is Palmer’s D text, and therefore seem to be an enhance of the a lot more than. The new verse beginning „My love try ill and you can want to pass away“ isn’t out of place if one knows that this lady has ‚green sickness,‘ new solution to that was sexual intercourse. Comprehend the very early ballad „Green Disorder Sadness“ beginning „Started been my personal nice and you may bonny one“ offered above.

The new Fair Maid’s wish to see their unique A b c

I’m a great sailor away from no exchange, Number of years We courted a pretty housemaid, Just in case I am unable to their favour winnings, I shall off to ocean, away to sea I am going to wade once again.

I ran unto my love’s chamber home, In which from time to time I had been prior to My personal like she emerged and you can allow me to for the, And you may off to sleep, and you may away to sleep she ran once more.

I refused the brand new holand sheet sets, Observe their particular beauty both good and you will neat and a small lower than there I did spy A few pillars off, a couple pillars out of light ivory.

She sigh’d and you will sobb’d for example did said, As to why is actually I created, as to the reasons was We produced to pass away a housemaid.

Was ther never ever an early on guy commonly myself show, Certain characters away from my criss-get across row [alphabet That we may know also the guy, Particular characters from my A b c.

We place my pen toward their hands, We quote their own put it to use in the their particular order, She understood complete well in which I found myself going; Very in the near future she learn’t thus in the future she learn’t her criss-get across line.

A version of which tune thus garbled that it doesn’t seem to have come accepted is in Evident and you can Karples English Folksongs about Southern area Appalachains , II, p. 119, „Ibby Damsel.“


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